Why and How?

Lead Propeller now exists because of the requests I was receiving on my blog, FlippingJunkie.com. It's not hard to see that I generate most of my leads for my house flipping business from my house buying website. Over time, visitors to FlippingJunkie.com began to ask me where they could get a website to generate leads. I didn't have a good place to send them...

I didn't have a good place to send them because I had developed my own house buying website. Besides being a full-time real estate investor, I have a passion for software development (which was my JOB before I went into business flipping houses). It is very difficult to find a quality software developer to create a website for you that will meet several very important criteria. It's not hard to find someone to take thousands of dollars of your money and leave you with something that looks 'ok' but is not set up properly or in a manner that is suited to ranking higher in the search engines.

Instead of just telling people good luck on finding someone to build them a proper website, I decided to start providing them. That way real estate investors would not have to guess at who would do the job right and always have to wonder whether their site will actually work the way it should. I've personally been using websites to buy houses for over 10 years now. During that time, I've learned a lot about what to do and, more importantly, what not to do!

When you buy a Lead Propeller real estate investor website, you get all of this experience behind your website, which to me at least, is priceless!

Most of my deals come from my lead generation website. In fact, I've received thousands of leads solely from my house buying website over the last several years.

- Danny Johnson, Founder