Frequently asked questions?

If I sign up for a LeadPropeller real estate investor website, what all do I get?

When you sign up for your LeadPropeller website, you get a free domain name for the life of your website with us, premium hosting, a choice of one of our clean and modern website templates, access to the LeadPropeller website editor so that you can completely customize your website and publish your changes with a single click. Once live, your website will immediately be available to accept leads from motivated sellers. When a seller submits the form on your website, you will receive an email, an optional text message, and the lead will be saved to a database for you to access through a basic CRM anytime.

Will my website URL be something like or

Your website URL will be your domain name, like, so that it looks more professional.

Will I get a custom email address with my website URL? For example:

Absolutely. You can create multiple email address with your website so that your other marketing that includes your email address looks professional and continues your branding.

Do I need to get a domain name elsewhere before signing up for a LeadPropeller website?

Absolutely not. LeadPropeller websites come with a free domain name that you choose when sign up.

What if I already own a domain name and want to use it for my LeadPropeller website?

That's not a problem either. You can specify that you already own a domain name you want to use when you sign up and you will receive directions on how to point that domain name to your new LeadPropeller website.

What if I have a domain name that already came with hosting elsewhere and I want to use the domain name but cancel the hosting with the current hosting company?

NO problem. When you sign up for your new Lead Propeller website, you will have the option to transfer the domain name over so that you can use it for your new site and then cancel your old hosting account if you wish to.

I'm not sure what to use for a domain name, can I choose that later, after signing up?

It's recommended that you have your domain name in mind when you sign up. When you sign up for a LeadPropeller site, a form is presented for you to enter a domain name and check to see if it is available. If it's not available, you can enter a different one and continue on until you find one that is available. Our recommendation is to choose a domain name that either focuses on your name or on the city you invest in. Examples of recommended domain names are:,, or anything similar with cash or fast added if necessary if the primary domain names are already taken.

Is it possible to customize my website and how easy is that to do?

Yes. Our application has an easy to use proprietary editor that does not require you to know any coding.

Exactly what parts of the websites are editable using the LeadPropeller editor?

You can change all of the following parts of your LeadPropeller website: all images (including the main page banner image), text sizes, text fonts, text colors, section background colors and images, link color, link font size, link fonts, link anchor text, link color, link destination, video, overall colorscheme to be preset or a custom color scheme you come up with, add pages to your website, remove pages from your website, set page titles, meta data for search engine optimization of each page, analytics scripts for each page, hiding almost any element of the website...really just about anything except layout of the pages.

Can I have a video on my website?

Yes, all our templates have a section for video on the main page that you can display if you want to. We recommend uploading your video to YouTube and then copying the embed code into the video section of your template in the LeadPropeller website editor.

Is it important to whitelist lead propeller emails?

Yes. The information from leads that come from your website will be from a email. You don’t want to miss leads from motivated sellers.

When I sign up for LeadPropeller and get a domain name, do I own that domain or does LeadPropeller? Will I be able to transfer it later if I decide to?

You get a free domain name when you sign up for LeadPropeller and you certainly can choose to pay a small registration fee and transfer it if you ever need to.